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I Will What I Want…another Ad Depicting the Wrong Image for Female Athletes

Under Armour launched its ad campaign I Will What I Want this summer. The campaign is supposed to empower athletic women and athletes to will what they want despite criticism, and setbacks along the road to living their dreams and... Continue Reading →

“We wear bathing suits. That is our uniform. They are not cute or girly…”

An Interview with two-time U.S. Olympic Water Polo Player Jessica Steffens Two-time US Olympic Water Polo Player, Jessica Steffens shares a piece of her story as an Olympic athlete. Steffens speaks eloquently about what it is to be an athlete,... Continue Reading →

Kicking out the “Female”

Getting ready for the gym, I turn off my straightener, check the mirror one more time to make sure my makeup is not a hair out-of-place, and touch up the shiny lip gloss that I've just applied and I’m out... Continue Reading →

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