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MillyMaker Featured Athlete

March 13th Featured Athlete

Featuring: Jordan Angeli Sport: Soccer Level Player: Professional College: Santa Clara University Teams: Washington Spirit 1. How do you feel about the way female athletes are portrayed in the media? I think there have been great steps taken in the... Continue Reading →

February 26th Featured Athlete

Featuring: Sara Escobedo Sport: Soccer Position: Goal Keeper Level Played: Division II, California Baptist University 1. If you had one piece of advice to give to a young female athlete, what would it be? Don't let anything or anyone get in the way... Continue Reading →

February 13th Featured Athlete

Featuring: Lori Lindsey Sport: Soccer Position: Mid-Fielder Level Played: Professional (13 year injury-free professional career), U.S Women's National Team Website: 1.Do you think there are positive role models for young athletes to look up to? If yes, who? If no, why not? Absolutely.... Continue Reading →

January 26th Featured Athlete

Featuring: Hanna Macaulay Sport: Soccer Position: Goal Keeper Level Played: College, Division 1 College: Elon University Hanna has played soccer at a very high level since the age of 5 her high school team was ranked #1 in the nation and her club... Continue Reading →

October Featured Athlete

Featuring: Amanda Wain Sport: Field Hockey Level Played: Collegiate College: Lynchburg College, Division 3 Question: How strong are you? and how do stereotypical images of what the female body should look like make you feel? Do you think you would... Continue Reading →

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